Central banks want to centralize money... "under a blockchain"

As the article states, it has been long standing that central banks would love to go with digital money. It can be used for very good accountability, tracking, transparency, etc.

There is just one problem, if it's a private cryptocurrency then they can change your "wallet" account at will. There is nothing to stop them from free reign of doing anything their imaginations can come up with. But maybe the true problem is people that don't understand cryptos, at all, think they will be reducing problems since decentralized cryptos they read about all the time, would.

If the banks believe the public enthusiasm for cryptos will grant them adoption, for their private blockchain, they are sadly mistake. It appears they are even addressing issues of a private blockchain, like double spending. It's highly ironic considering double spending is the first and easiest thing to eliminate on any publicly decentralized cryptocurrency - it's basically the essence of what a cryptocurrency is, never double spendable.