Matt McCoy, Legal Assistant to Senator Michael Baumgartner

On the 28th I met up with Mr. McCoy in the old Davenport, downtown Spokane. As my luck would have it not only did I get to enjoy the old & ornate hotel, there were some women about, dressed like they were straight out of Downton Abbey. So long as I only looked at them I was transported to a long passed yesteryear.

Unfortunately Mr. Baumgartner is too busy to make it to many meetings, and was out of the country. But his assistant Mr. McCoy is readily available to meet up & willing to lend an ear.

This meeting turned out as mostly some basic education about the crypto world. Due to McCoy's past in dealing with infrastructure for internet & business abroad, he caught on very quickly. He has a lot of knowledge of history that parallels today.

Our time was fairly short, but what I'm looking forward to the most is potentially getting some perspective from a business man Mr. McCoy knows - whom was a US citizen that became a Chinese citizen. Why? Because the perspective of the US vs Asia may play an instrumental choice in adoption differences of cryptos. Asia is clamoring all over Ripple, and the US has a choice to make. In the interest of the people we should hope to see government encouraging public crypto use, while Asia burdens themselves with consortium cryptos & non-currency blockchain tech.

Look forward to more. Plz show your support, travel is paramount to approaching a wider audience.