The IRS, a warrior for justice or for ruining the USA?

If you've read my article on taxes, or realized what cryptos are, you clearly understand that they're out of the purview of the state and it's senseless to allow the IRS to impose taxes on an emerging technology because it'll severely hurt the USA; if not toss it off the totem pole of power. 

But what about the people evading taxes from fiat, with cryptocurrencies? In this sense I actually believe the IRS is 100% justified to try and track people doing just that. How that will happen is a bit of a mystery. But as of now they are one step closer to being able to catch tax dodgers. I applaud them catching tax evaders, but denounce anything beyond that since it's basically unpatriotic. They might as well file registration with the communist party if they are going to chase people that haven't evaded taxes in fiat but also own Bitcoin.