BOA Trying to Nerf Crypto's & Make You Pay for It

Bank of America has applied for many patents on blockchain/cryptos. If you've dived in enough to know a basic idea of how cryptos run, you can understand how patents can only be applicable as far as jurisdiction of one countries law, which falls vastly short of any crypto network. It makes no sense for any crypto to limit itself by only being in the patent purview of the USA, and pay for use (to BOA).

Cryptos by principles are cheaper & more secure because they are decentralized, immutable, and peer regulated down to the code that is run on all the miners and nodes. Their strength is in the opposite of a single entity being in control, a form of centralization. At best maybe BOA will seek to sue someone and tie them up in court, which is laughable because even if Satoshi himself was facing BOA's army of lawyers, Bitcoin itself wouldn't even notice.