This website is entirely independently funded. In the spirit of cryptos I am asking for decentralized contributions instead of being hired by someone. I need support in order to keep up my lobbying efforts for cryptocurrencies and crypto-utilities. I engage with the general public, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, FinTech people, bankers, business owners, political groups, and elected officials. The list will only grow, as I have no plan to stop meeting with all that will listen. Crypto's are not the past, they are the future, and just about everyone needs some help to actually understand their core values & potential.

Got something you would like to contribute to the content? Got questions? Please, drop an email; .


Here are a few T-shirts that are about cryptos; designed by me. All are welcome to submit ideas that I can make into a T-shirt.

From the introduction to the whitepaper of Bitcoin, which defines one of the most definitive concepts in decentralized blockchain technology.

The next one is what you do when you have crypto's, and things start looking bumpy. Inspired by Samual L Jackson in Jurassic Park.